Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy New Year!

With the coming of a New Year, all of us at A Classified Marketplace wish you and yours health, joy and prosperity throughout 2014!

At A Classified Marketplace, we are proud to be your resource for free online advertising and local community classifieds.

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We hope that 2014 will be a time of great well-being for you and yours!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Happy Holidays from A Classified Marketplace

With the end of another year, A Classified Marketplace is proud to wish all of our valued users very Happy Holidays and the best wishes for a prosperous and Happy New Year!!!


A Classified Marketplace is proud to provide the most user-friendly online classified marketplace for users locally and around the country.

We invite you to stop by A Classified Marketplace this Holiday Season and learn about all we have to offer with our free classified advertising, community idea exchange and much more!

Wishing you and yours the best for the happiest of Holiday Seasons!

A Classified Marketplace

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!


Wishing you and yours the best for a safe and Happy Thanksgiving this year!

Your friends at A Classified Marketplace!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Sharing, Saving & Subscribing made easy!

Did you know that social sharing is one the fastest ways that people now share new information, fresh ideas and much more in today's online web world?

People now regularly learn more about new ideas, offers and much more via computer and mobile platforms than other more traditional media outlets combined!

At A Classified Marketplace, we are committed to creating an online community that is up-to-date with current trends and technology in order to help our users stay more connected to the myriad of tools available to the average internet user today.

Recently, the team at A Classified Marketplace integrated social sharing and subscribing features across various components of the A Classified Marketplace website network with the intention to make our marketplace easier to distribute to the people in your social circles.

Our newly updated social integration now makes it possible for our users to easily perform two new exciting tasks:

1. Our online save & sharing functionality now makes it a breeze to share the A Classified Marketplace network and Classified Categories with your friends, family and other social circles via your favorite social networking platforms. Choose from a wide variety of social networks to share pages of our online network. Post a page on your Facebook wall or pin your favorite A Classified Marketplace content on your Pinterest board. Additionally, for our users who are not socially active, we have included functionality on the site to make it easier than ever to email a page to anyone with two simple clicks!

2. For returning visitors we have integrated a simple platform that makes subscribing to the A Classified Marketplace network easier than ever. Want to keep up with the latest news at A Classified Marketplace? Simply choose your favorite subscription platform from our new subscribe button and our latest news will automatically be delivered to your news feeds!

Are you sharing A Classified Marketplace socially? Try our new Share, Save & Subscribe functionality today and let us know about your experiences with our new website functionality!

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

August News from A Classified Marketplace

A Classified Marketplace Newsletter August 2013  
ACMPOST.com, Newsletter Accessibility, & Updated Help Center  

As we approach the end of the summer months in South Florida, the team at A Classified Marketplace has been making some great additions to help improve the user-friendliness of the A Classified Marketplace community.

Our biggest development of the month came with the design and launch of our new sister company, ACMPost.com. ACM Post is the newest, quick and easy way to learn about the new happenings at the A Classified Marketplace network. ACM Post was created to provide our users with more information, tools and easy access to your local online promotions.

Please have a look at the following hot topics that made news at A Classified Marketplace this month, and come back and post or re-post your ads today to keep your free classified or business promotion fresh in the minds of your local clientele.

At ACM Post, visitors can now easily share & save new articles, advice from local industry leaders and tips to make your online promotions more effective. Additionally, visitors can now leave comments on our most recent news within the ACM Post blog. Our intention is to provide our users with a sounding board where they can easily and effectively express their opinions and feedback directly on our moderated blog.  Stop by ACM Post today and find out how A Classified Marketplace is doing more to help you achieve a greater level of efficiency with online promotions and marketing.

Easy Newsletter Access
In an effort to make keeping up with A Classified Marketplace easier for any of our visitors, the team at A Classified Marketplace has recently completed new improvements to our online newsletter sign-up accessibility. Now it is easier than ever before to quickly and easily sign-up for our regularly updated newsletter about recent developments at A Classified Marketplace. 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Making Online Classifieds Simple

At A Classified Marketplace we are constantly working to make online classifieds more accessible and easier to use for online users of any technological skill level.

As a commitment to our mission to provide our users with the most user-friendly online marketplace for their online classified needs, the team at A Classified Marketplace has recently completed a fresh revamp of the A Classified Marketplace homepage.

On our freshly updated marketplace landing page, new users can now easily follow our three step program for easy classified listing and efficient creation of local classified ads. Additionally, returning users to A Classified Marketplace will find it easier than ever to quickly and easily post local classified ads while also being able to quickly check-in for recent updates on community resource sections of A Classified Marketplace.

With the revamp of the A Classified Marketplace homepage, the team at A Classified Marketplace intended to accomplish three important goals in order to make our website easier and more user-friendly for visitors of all ages and backgrounds.

First, we wanted to make it easier for new users to quickly and easily understand the process for creating local classified ads on A Classified Marketplace. This was accomplished with our easy to follow 3 step guide to posting effective online classified ads.

Next, we wanted to make it easy for returning users to find the most popular classified categories with one simple click off of our homepage. In order to do this, the A Classified Marketplace team calculated the most popular classified categories available on our marketplace and created direct links to each section so that our users could easily find and browse popular local classified sections.

Finally, it was our goal to provide easy navigation to our most popular help resources within the A Classified Marketplace system. In order to do this efficiently for our users, the team at A Classified Marketplace developed the "Community Resources" section that provides users with quick and easy resources for help with local classified ads, local Industry Leader news and much more!

Do you post online classifieds but find it hard to understand other online website's posting process? Do you get frustrated with "Ghosted" or "Blocked" listings at other classified websites? If so, try the easy-to-use process at A Classified Marketplace today for easy and simple listings that will bring you, your product or your business direct, targeted exposure with ease.

Need help with your promotional efforts? Contact the team at A Classified Marketplace today for more information on creating efficient classified ads. We have representatives standing by to help you with any aspect of our online community marketplace. Register and start posting your local ads with ease for free today!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Protect Youself from Popular Online Classified Scams

With the internet becoming ever more popular each and every day, many internet users have been exposed or subjected to popular online scams that fraudulent parties use to rip-off and steal from everyday internet participants. Unfortunately, one area of the internet where scamming is especially prevalent is in the arena of online classifieds. Since most online classified communities are free, and consequently open to the public, scammers inevitably try to pose as legitimate classified listings in an effort to lure their next victim.

Online classified communities count on the action of users to help regulate suspicious listings. By becoming aware of the types of suspicious activity that scammers use in online classified marketplaces, users can help to create a more utopian online marketplace experience for all internet users.

Obviously, popular scams in the world of online classified advertising usually looks to steal something of value from an online user. This could include monies in the form of wired amounts or deposits paid or personal information in the form of banking or identity information. In the world of online scammers, no classified category is off-limits. Automotive listings are just as likely to potentially contain a scammer's listing as are listings for financial services. In order to protect yourself online, it is critical to educate yourself about popular scams so that you can be proactive about flagging listings that you come across that may look suspicious or risky for yourself or other classified users.

The Site Unseen Sale at Lower Price

For obvious reasons, one of the more popular forms of online classified scams involves the offer of a rare, popular or valuable product at a significantly reduced price. This could include a car for sale at drastically reduced prices, rare and exotic pets for low cost or other products that seem too good to be true.